Check in a lead using the Kiosk

This article is for clubs that use the InTouch Guest Check-In Kiosk module.

The lead will sign in on a kiosk, which is typically a tablet or computer at the front desk, and is asked to sign a waiver and complete some contact information and preferences. New leads will be asked how they heard about your club and a customizable number of Guest Card Questionnaire questions. The final page will typically direct the guest to see your front desk.

If lead has a scheduled appointment
When a lead with an appointment signs in on the kiosk, the appointment will be marked as Checked-In and the clock icon next to the appointment on the Calendar will change to a check mark. Your lead will be listed checked-in on your To Do list, but this does not add your lead to the Kiosk Queue nor mark the appointment as showed up. To complete the appointment, select Take on Tour. Don't forget to add your notes!

Walk-ins and Drop-ins

When a lead without an appointment signs in, InTouch will search for existing membership leads and add the lead to the Kiosk queue located at the bottom of your Home page:

  • If an existing lead is found, the contact will be Checked-In and will be listed under the Check-Ins section of the Kiosk queue. To mark the contact as visited, select Take on Tour next to their name in the queue.
  • If no existing lead is found, a new lead will be created, marked as Checked-In and will be listed under the New Leads section of the Kiosk queue. To mark the contact as visited, select Take on Tour next to their name in the queue.

Important Notes about checking in guests

The kiosk itself does not mark as a lead as visited; it's only designed to check the person in, capture various contact info, and sign your club's waiver. It's the 'Take on Tour' action that completes the visit.

While most guests that check in do get a tour or visit the club, not all do. For example, someone may check in before any sales staff arrive and your club may not want that guest marked as visited yet. This allows for those contacts to stay in the Not Visited group and receive the appropriate communication.

Drop-In Workout Option

Drop-In Workouts were designed to capture an electronic waiver for out-of-town guests (and avoid the need for a paper waiver for non-leads). Whilst we do have plans to improve upon this functionality, the current design and functionality is as follows:

  • Drop-In Workouts are not treated as leads. They are not included in any automated followup or reporting.
  • Drop-In Workouts are not the same as Drop-In Tours; any reports labeled for Drop-In are for existing leads that visit without an appointment scheduled. There are currently no report options on Drop-In Workouts.

How this option works:

If your club has the 'Drop-In Workout' option enabled in your kiosk settings, your kiosk will have a page asking if the person is interested in membership or just working out (wording is configurable per club). If the user selects working out, your kiosk queue will show this person with an icon of a downward facing arrow to let you know which option they selected during check-in. Actions will add an option called 'Drop-In'. To mark a contact as a Drop-In Workout, select this option.