How to Send a Text Message

Have a text message conversation with your contacts right within Drive.

Text conversation ability varies by country. At the time of this article, text conversations are only available in the US and Canada.

To send a text message to a contact

Find the contact you wish to text. Open their Contact Card and select Text to view your text history and to send a text at the bottom. (In order to text, your club must have text features allowed in your site and your permission level must also have access enabled).

Tip: Check for notes to the left of the Send button. Notes such as Read Only permissions or Contact is Unsubscribed mean you that you won't be able to send this contact a text message.


To view an incoming text message
The red circle by the Text icon indicates new unread messages. Select this icon and then select an individual message for more detail on that contact and text history. Click Read All in the bottom right to clear an unread text message.