Adding New Contacts

Adding Membership and/or PT Leads

  1. Select the Add Lead button and select an option:
    • New Lead: This option lets you add any type of new lead.
    • Referral: This lets you quickly add in a Lead or Member Referral by pre-filling in some details.
    • Phone: This lets you quickly add a new lead that calls in by phone or enter an incoming call for an existing lead.
  2. Review the potential matches that display with each field you enter to see if the contact already exists. If no match is found, select Next.
    • If you see a possible match, you can select the name to bring up the contact record and to see if it’s the same person. If it is the same record, and you're just trying a add a different product, like adding a PT lead, select "Add PT"). If it is the not same person, select "Go back" to return to the previous screen.
  3. Continue to the next page and add a Product Type, Lead Owner, Contact Method and Lead Source. You can also add in Notes to go in the new Contact's history.
  4. Select SAVE (or SAVE & ADD NEW to keeping adding more contacts).
  5. Lastly, select the Opt-In/Subscription Preferences and then select Done.
    • Subscription options vary by country. In the US, you can Subscribe a contact to email for them (and they can Unsubscribe when they receive any email). However, for Text, only the owner of the mobile number can subscribe. Selecting "Send Opt-In Text" will then send a text message asking the contact to subscribe to your text service.