Capture a Digital Waiver Signature

Obtain an e-signature for your club's liability waiver directly in Drive

Find your contact and open their contact card. The contact's Waiver is under the What's Next section. Select the "Sign It" button (Make sure you know your club's PIN number first!) and then hand your device to your lead to have them sign their name using their finger or a stylus (or mouse if using a computer). Click Redo to clear the signature and start over if needed. Click Save when done. Enter your club's 4 digit pin (unless customized, the default is '0000') and select OK.

How to collect a Parent or Guardian's signature for a minor

For underage contacts, follow the same steps as the above and record a Guardian signature instead by selecting the checkbox "Select if guardian is signing" and then enter the name of the Guardian in the "Guardian's name" field. 




Pin Numbers: Why is this needed? Privacy, of course! This locks down your InTouch data while your device is in the hands of someone else.The default pin is '0000'In a future version, each club will be able to set its own custom 4-digit pin number. If your club wishes to customize it now, have your club administrator contact InTouch Support.

Tip: If you can't figure out your pin number, close the browser and go back to the Drive login screen to log back in.


How to Add or Edit Your Waiver Wording

If your club has an InTouch Kiosk, your Guest Waiver can be added/edited by your club administrator in FollowUp. If you do not have a Kiosk, have your club administrator contact Support Services for assistance in adding your liability waiver text for you.

View, Download and Print Signed Waivers

Once a waiver has been signed, the Waiver icon will show a blue background and read 'Signed' underneath. To view or print a waiver, select select View. The waiver will open up in your internet browser window. You can then download or print the waiver using your browser's download and/or print settings. 

Note: Waivers that were signed via a checkmark in FollowUp or and through older Kiosk Version