Text & Email Opt-In/Subscriptions

Opt-In Preferences

When adding a new lead, you'll have option to set the text and email subscription preferences for the contact. Though exact options vary by country, admin settings and text setup, in general you'll have an option to either subscribe or send a request to subscribe to Email and/or Text.


Send Text Opt-In request now?

In areas like the US that have Text Opt-In requirements, select "Send Opt-In Text" to have InTouch send a text message as soon as you click Save. This will send a text asking the contact for permission to subscribe them to automated text messages. Turn the toggle off to not send the request now.


Keep this toggle on to subscribe the contact. Turn the toggle off to unsubscribe. (This option is not available in all countries).

To View and/or Edit Contact Preferences


Open the contact profile and select the View button next to the Contact Preferences under the What's Next section. Depending on your area, you may be able to change a setting to Subscribe or Unsubscribe. (In the US, you can Unsubscribe, but not Subscribe to Text).

The Send Opt-In button will send a request to opt-in via text and/or email. The Email option sends an email which includes a webpage link where the contact can update all of their communication preferences for email, text, and phone. The content of this email, named the Opt-in Preferences Email, can be viewed (and edited by those with editing permissions) in Communications under Other.


  • Subscribed: This contact is subscribed to your text or email service and will be sent texts or emails.
  • Unsubscribed or Blocked = This contact is unsubscribed to your text or email service and will not be sent texts or emails.
  • Awaiting Opt-In, Conversation Only, or Text Not Sent = This contact has neither subscribed nor unsubscribed to receive automated texts. You can still text this person individually through the Messages tab (pending site and role permissions to text).

United States Text Options

InTouch helps you comply with the US Text Opt-In Laws by requiring consent (an opt-in) to send any automated text message. This applies to ALL texting EXCEPT sending an individual text message through the Contact's Messages tab. 

To get this consent, you can have InTouch send an Opt-In request by text when adding a new lead or through the contact's Preferences section. You are also only allowed to text this request one time. However, you also instruct a contact to text START to your club's SMS number (if your club has a dedicated Text Marketing Number) or you can send a link via email to the contact.