How to Send an Email

This feature, called Converse, allows you to send an individual message to a contact's email address right within Drive. (This feature is available for all organizations, but may be disabled per administrator request).

How it works

A message will send via email using the name and email address listed on your staff account. When the recipient selects Reply to respond to your message, a specialized reply-to email address is used to connect the message with the appropriate InTouch contact card allowing their response to send to your InTouch rather than your regular email inbox.

To send a message by email to a contact

Find the contact you wish to email. Open their Contact Card and select Email to view your email history.

On existing emails:

  • Select View to open an email to see more detail
  • Select Reply to respond an email
  • Select Mark as Read to clear the unread message alert

To create a new email, select New Email


To view an incoming email message

The red circle by the Mail icon indicates new unread messages. Select this icon and then select an individual message for more detail. Click Mark as Read to clear the unread message alert.

Who can view and send an email?

Ability to view and/or send emails is determined by permission. Permissions can be edited by club admins.