Drive V2.17.0 - June 2019

New Features

Contact Key Notes: Keep key information front and center on a lead. The Key Note can store up to 1000 characters (a good size paragraph if not more!) at a time. Each Key Note added is also stored in History so edits can be made quickly and easily to keep pertinent information visible, while all edits/previous Key Notes are stored in the History.

History Filters: Quickly find important information without having to sift through all history items.When in a Contact's History tab, you can use the new icons on the left to filter the History tab to just see history for Text, Email, Calls, Appointments, Tasks, Notes, and Status Changes. 

Contact History KPIs: A count of the number of Emails, Calls, Texts and Notes against the Contact is visible just below a Contact's Key Notes. A quick way for staff and managers to ensure a contact is being communicated to and how. 

Converse Template: Add a template for staff to use in their individual Converse emails. Templates allow you add branding to emails, such your club logo and/or a company signature line for all staff using merge fields. This first iteration for Converse Templates allows for one template to be visible at a time per club. For this first version, Converse Templates can be set up in your FollowUp application under Follow-Up> Email Templates > Converse (this button is at the bottom of the page).

Converse Plus: Converse Plus allows your staff to add attachments, including images, pdf files, etc to their 1:1 Converse emails to contacts. All Converse Templates allow you add attachments for branding purposes, but Converse Plus is needed for individual staff to be able to send attachments. For more information on Converse Plus, including pricing, please contact

Permission to Add Attachments: For clubs with Converse Plus, you can restrict which roles (aka Permissions) you want to be able to add an attachment to a Converse email. For this version, permissions can be edited (by those with permission to edit permissions!) in your FollowUp application under Admin > Permissions. Click here for more info on setting permissions in FollowUp.



Search Improvements: In this version, we've continued to add more Search backend logic and updates to increase speed and accurate results.

Duplicate Checker Contact Details: When adding in a new contact, the Duplicate Checker shows potential matches. Now when you select a potential match, more information about that contact is visible without having to open the contact. The following details (if present on the contact) will be shown: Name, CMS ID number, Email, Phone Numbers, Address. 

Duplicate Checker Back Button: A Back Button has been added to easily revert to the previous screen to continue where you left off.


Bug Fixes

Mark Walk-In PT Leads as Not Interested: Fixes bug where PT leads with Contact Method of Walk-In were not able to be marked as Not Interested.

Save Contact Name Edits: Fixes bug where the check mark was not saving any changes to the Contact's Name (in the Contact screen).

Pasting Content in Converse: Fixes bug where pasted content was not showing properly in the Converse (Email) composition window.