Drive V2.19.0 - August 2019


Overdue To Do Items: No more having to go back to previous days to find and complete your overdue items. All Overdue events will now be shown in Todays To Do list. 

More Converse Merge Fields: We've added more merge fields, such as Job Title, Club URL, and Contact Preferences link to the 1:1 Converse Email Editor.


Date Filters: The date filter on each screen will now have a From and To date allowing you to select a specific date range. The current Today, Week and Month options are still present, but you are no longer limited to just those three options.

Incoming Text Notification Update: Slight layout change to better show who the message was from, along with date and time.

Show Text Message Sender in Contact Screen/Conversation Thread: The sender of a text message will now be shown next to the timestamp in each Contact's Text section. For clubs who have multiple staff sending texts to the same contact, this now easily allows you to see which staff send which text. (Note: the Sent By name is not sent to the contact; it is only visible in the Drive text conversation to show which staff person sent the message)

Text Conversation View Updates: When going to a contact's Text screen, the conversation view will auto scroll to the most recent text message instead of the first.

Add 'Created By' and event 'Owned By' to Events: Events will now show who created that event as well as who owns the event. For example, when you open up an appointment, it will now show which staff booked that appointment. For clubs that book appointments for one another, this allows you to quickly see who booked it without having to search through history.

Contact KPI History Updates: The KPI buttons in each contact will now link to the Text conversation screen, Email/Converse conversation screen, Appointment History and Note History

Contacts Tab Created/Start Date column:  The Created Date column in various Contacts views will now show the Start Date instead. The Created Date is when the contact was physically created in InTouch, whereas the Start Date is what dictates all Life Cycle communication. Aside from the name change, this really only changes how imported contacts are viewed as the Created Date and Start Date are always the same for any new contact you add into InTouch.

Reports Dropdown: To gain more real estate in the Reports view, the Reports tab will be a drop-down to select which Report (currently InSights or Email reporting). Those with access to only one type of reports won't see any change as the Reports tab will load the one they have access to.

Bug Fixes

Day X Call Scripts: Fixes a bug where Day X Call Scripts (for both Membership & PT contacts) were not showing up in the call screen.

Opening a contact via mobile: Corrects an issue where contacts were not opening when selected from the Contacts tab on a mobile device.

More Actions: The only way to collapse the More Actions option was either make a choice or to click the More Actions button again. Now clicking anywhere outside of the More Actions button will now cause it to collapse.