Drive V2.20.0 - October 2019

Drive v2.20.0 was released 07 Oct 2019


Calendar Filter for System Events: The default view on the Calendar will now only show appointments created by staff. This means the calendar will default to only show true appointments and not all visits (such as Drop-In Tours). For those that still wish to view those Drop-In Tours (note, not Drop-In Workouts. Drop-In Tours are existing leads that stop by without an appt), select the new 'System Appointments' option in the Calendar Filter.

Kiosk Clear Button: We've added a Clear button to allow you to easily remove a contact from the Kiosk Queue without having to mark them as Toured, No Show or DropIn Workout. Eg, you may find old kiosk check-ins that you don't want to action, but still get out of your queue.

Contacts Created, Assigned and Sold Views: The Contacts Opportunities tab defaults to when a lead was created (based on your date range selected). The Members & Clients tab defaults to when a lead joined. These Contacts tab will still default to Created and Sold respectively, but you can now select the Assigned View to show contacts assigned in that date range. For example, a staff person left your club and their leads were assigned to you in August. Instead of having to sort through each month to find those 'new to you' leads, go to Opportunities for August and change your view from Created to Assigned.

Edit 'Sold By' staff: The 'Sold By' field under Product (within a member profile) is now an editable field (for those users with applicable the permission setting).


Text Messages - Show most recent message sent: When opening the text message thread on a contact, the thread will open to show the latest message (just like your phone does) so you don't have to scroll to the bottom.

Converse Email Replies - Retain last subject line: When replying to an individual email message, the last subject line will now be retained. (Not applicable when selecting a new email thread/conversation).

Members no longer seen in Incoming Leads: Unassigned Members are no longer shown in the Incoming Leads queue.

Bug Fixes

Infinite Scroll: Fixes a bug where various scroll bars were not scrolling smoothly

iPad Safari Email Tab: Fixes an issue on the iPad Safari browser where prior Converse (1:1) emails were not showing in the conversation view.

Scroll bar missing on Contact History: Corrects an issue where the scroll bar was not allowing users to scroll to the bottom of various Contact's History tabs.