InTouch and Clubware work together allowing you to pull data from InTouch into Clubware on demand and eliminating the need for double entry of data into Clubware.

How does it work?

Each time you add or update a membership lead record in InTouch, it pushes that data to the InTouch Connector immediately. The Connector can be thought of as a synchronization hub; it's a central location both InTouch and a partner system can use to push or pull data. With this integration, Clubware uses the Connector to pull information.
As for detail on exactly how to do that in Clubware and for details on what information they pull in, we feel it's best to leave that with the Clubware experts as all software is subject to change.
With that said, our understanding is:
"Every 60 minutes, Clubware will check InTouch and look for any InTouch prospects that have been converted to a Sale. It will then insert this member into Clubware (just their basic information –e.g. name address and contact info).  You would then have to add an account and complete the set up in Clubware.  You also can force a manual sync with InTouch once you have set up the options.  A user will find a “Sync with InTouch” option under the Synchronisation menu in the toolbar at the top of Clubware." 

How to get started:

  1. Contact InTouch Support with your name, club name and location, and let us know you'd like us to enable an integration with Clubware and we will enable the integration on the InTouch side. This usually only takes a couple business days.
  2. Contact your Clubware representative to ensure you have the correct version of Clubware and to asisst you with any integration setup on the Clubware side. You will need the following information:
    1. Club ID: This is your 4-digit InTouch site number found in your InTouch application under Admin > Club
    2. Client ID: This is your 4-digit InTouch site number followed by "-client". E.g., if your InTouch Club ID is 1234, then your Client ID is 1234-client