Jonas Compete

InTouch and Jonas Compete work together allowing you to send data in real time from InTouch into Compete with hourly updates from Compete back to InTouch.

How does it work?

Data from InTouch to Compete transfers (syncs) in real time. 

Data from Compete to InTouch syncs every hour. There are several configuration options available depending on what type of data your club wants to sync. For each sync option enabled, our datasync job runs on each hour to update InTouch.

Integration Options

InTouch to Compete sync options

  1. Create/Update Lead: Creates (or updates) a lead in Compete when a lead is created (or updated) in InTouch. (Currently this option must always be enabled).

Compete to InTouch sync options (these options pull data from Compete to InTouch each hour):

  1. Convert Lead to Member: When a sale is made in Compete, and a matching lead record is found in InTouch, this converts the InTouch lead to a member.
  2. Insert Member: When a sale is made in Compete, and no matching contact record is found in InTouch, this will add a sold lead (member) to InTouch. 
  3. Convert Member to Former Member: When a membership agreement ends in Compete, and a matching current member record is found in InTouch, this will convert the InTouch member over to a Former Member.

What type of data transfers?

The integration focuses on contacts; i.e. your leads and members. For each contact, the following data can sync:

InTouch Field Name

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Mobile
  • Home Phone
  • Work Phone
  • Email
  • Street
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code


How is sales data matched?

When a lead is created in Compete, it creates a unique ID. This number is stored against the InTouch lead record and is the primary method used to match contacts between the two systems.

In the event that the Compete ID is not found in an InTouch record, InTouch uses its Smart Match logic to find a match in InTouch. Smart Match will look for a match using the following criteria (in the following order) to determine a match:

  1. First Name, Last Name, Email and Mobile Number
  2. First Name, Last Name and Email
  3. First Name, Last Name and Mobile Number
  4. First Name, Email and Mobile Number
  5. First Name and Email
  6. First Name and Mobile Number

How to get started

  • Contact your Jonas Compete representative. They will have you sign an Integration Waiver and then they will contact InTouch with the following required information:
    • Compete Customer ID number (may also be called a Company ID)
    • Compete Club ID number which is unique per each 'club' (location).  Each InTouch club is mapped to a Compete club. If you have multiple clubs, you will have multiple IDs.
    • Compete Domain (URL/IP)
    • Compete Port
  • Once InTouch has a waiver copy and the required info regarding your Jonas site, we will enable the integration.