InTouch and MINDBODY Online (MBO) work together allowing you to send membership data from InTouch into MBO and vice versa.

How does it work?

Data from InTouch to MBO transfers (syncs) in real time. 

Data from MBO to InTouch syncs every hour. There are several configuration options available depending on what type of data your club wants to sync. For each sync option enabled, our datasync job runs on each hour to update InTouch.

Integration Options

InTouch to MBO sync options (these options send data from InTouch to MBO):

  1. Create/Update Lead: Creates (or updates) a lead in MBO when a lead is created (or updated) in InTouch. (Currently this option must always be enabled).

MBO to InTouch sync options (these options pull data from MBO to InTouch each hour):

  1. Insert/Update Lead: Creates (or updates) a lead in InTouch when a lead (prospect) is created (or updated) in MBO. 
  2. Convert Lead to Member: When a sale is made in MBO, and a matching lead record is found in InTouch, this converts the InTouch lead to a member.
  3. Insert Member: When a sale is made in MBO, and no matching contact record is found in InTouch, this will add a sold lead (member) to InTouch. Optional addition: Filter out secondary members so only primary members are inserted.
  4. Convert Member to Former Member: When a membership agreement ends in MBO, and a matching current member record is found in InTouch, this will convert the InTouch member over to a Former Member

Additional Options & Notes

  1. When a contact is created in InTouch from MBO, the default Contact Method and Lead Source typically set is Import. If you would like to use something other than Import, please contact InTouch Support.
  2. The Sales Person will not update the InTouch record during Prospect to Member conversion. The InTouch Lead Owner will remain as is.
  3. Records updated by a sync will show in the History as updated by Partner Service.

What type of data transfers?

The integration focuses on contacts; i.e. your leads and members. For each contact, the following data can sync:

  • First Name, Last Name, Mobile , Home Phone, Work Phone, Email
  • Address, City, State, Country, Zip Code (Postal Code)
  • Date of Birth (Birthday), Gender

How is data matched?

When a prospect is created in MBO, it creates a unique ID number (in MBO this is called the ID). This number is stored against the InTouch lead record and is the primary method used to match contacts between the two systems.

In the event that the CMS ID is not found in an InTouch record, InTouch uses its Smart Match logic to find a match in InTouch. Smart Match will look for a match using the following criteria (in the following order) to determine a match:

  1. First Name, Last Name, Email and Mobile Number
  2. First Name, Last Name and Email
  3. First Name, Last Name and Mobile Number
  4. First Name, Email and Mobile Number
  5. First Name and Email
  6. First Name and Mobile Number

How to get started

The below MBO screenshots, links and instructions are subject to change by MINDBODY without notice to InTouch. For any questions with your MBO product, please contact your MINDBODY rep.

  • Log in to your MINDBODY Online account
  • Create a login for your integration. InTouch will need a Staff Username and Password for your MINDBODY Online API in Step 7 (please do not send us your personal login information).
  • While in MBO, remove all Consumer Mode Required Fields:
    1. Go to the Home tab and select 'Manager Tools' in the submenu
    2. Select 'Settings' and then 'Required Fields'
    3. Uncheck all boxes under 'Required in Consumer Mode?'
    4. Select 'Update'
  • Contact InTouch Support with the following information for your MINDBODY Online API.
    • Staff Username and Password (as created in Step 2)
    • Site ID (Not sure where to find this? Click here)
    • Don't forget to send us your name, contact info, and the name of your club!
  • InTouch Support will send you (or your club administrator) a waiver to sign allowing the two companies/products to share data.

  • Once signed, we will complete your integration (this should only take a couple business days) and send you an Activation Link and Activation Code. Click the link to tie your activation code to your MINDBODY Site. Or you can enter the code into the API Integration page in your site. You can find the API Integrations page under the Home Tab in the Manager Tools section on the bottom right. Once enabled, data will then sync moving forward; it does not sync retroactively.