Drive V2.21.0 - November 2019

Drive v2.21.0 was released 07 Nov 2019


Edit Sales Date: The Sold date for Memberships and PT Clients can now be edited (by users with permission to edit a sales date) in the contact's profile under Product > Sold.


Contact KPI History Calculation Updates: We've improved the Contact KPIs (Text, Email, Call, Notes) to show what's already been done, rather than include what's still scheduled. For examples, Calls will now count Calls Completed and not include anything scheduled for the future. Labels have also been updated to show Calls Completed, 1:1 Texts Sent, Converse Emails Sent and Notes

Allow the referring member/lead to be changed once selected: Previously when adding in a Referral, once you selected a Referring Lead or Member name, it could only be changed by cancelling the Add Lead and starting over. This improvement now allows you to remove and re-select the desired name before saving your new referral lead.

Add word wrap to all notes fields: If a single word hits the end of a screen, it will now move (wrap) to the entire word to the next line (instead of breaking up the word into two lines).

Bug Fixes

  • Events created as a result of Drop-In Tour via kiosk are now properly marked as System Appointment

  • Text Blasts have been corrected to include Unassigned Leads
  • Kiosk: The city field will no longer display on two screens. The user flow has been updated to include (based on admin settings) First, Last, Mobile and Email on the first contact page and any additional contact info (Address, City, State, Zip Code, License/ID) on the second page.

  • When a user selects date ranges in the Calendar sometimes it takes a while for the data to be returned in a club with a lot of data. Changing the date range before the data finished loading from the first request sometimes duplicated the data seen the Calendar 

  • Prospects not sending to VFP: Corrects an integration issue where records were not sending from InTouch to VFP.

  • Unresolved translations in event view: Corrects an issue where PT Events (Calls, Appts, etc) displayed i18N_PERSONAL_TRAINING instead of the correct Personal Training label

  • PT Client Day X Calls not scheduling: Corrects an issue where certain situations were not scheduling PT Client Day X Calls appropriately