Staff Roles & Permissions

What is a Role vs a Permission?

Though often used interchangeably, a Role is staff person's role within your club or organization, such as Sales Team or Front Desk. It also defines a group of Permissions. A Permission is a setting or group of settings that define the level of access a user with a given Role has within your InTouch site. 

How to Add, Edit or Delete a Role

If you have access (i.e. the permission setting) to edit permissions, you will find your club's permissions under the Admin > Roles & Permissions section of your InTouch Drive. If you do not see this menu item listed, you do not have permission to add or edit permissions. If you believe you should have this ability, please contact your club administrator.

For details on how to add, edit, or delete Roles, check out this short video:

What does each permission setting mean?

Move your cursor over the Tooltip of a permission setting for more information or detail.

How to Change Someone's Role

If you have access (i.e. the permission setting) to add or edit staff, you can change a staff person's role within their staff account. For more detail, check out this Edit Staff article.