Use Zapier to Create Leads in InTouch

Zapier is a third party software and the below instructions and screenshots may change over time. If you have any questions or would like assistance with your setup, please contact InTouch Support. We would be happy to help with the InTouch app side of the setup and share our knowledge and experience using Zapier.

Below is the simplest setup to create a lead in InTouch from another Zapier app.

Process Overview

The InTouch Zapier app is currently available by invite only (you will not see it on Zapier's list of apps). Contact InTouch Support to have Zapier access created for your sites.

If you are a third party setting up Zapier for a InTouch client, we will need the client's consent before releasing their site information.

You will need

  1. A Zapier account
    1. Accounts can be created at
    2. The InTouch Zapier App does not require a paid plan (but your connecting software may).
  2. Invitation to use the InTouch Zapier App from InTouch Support
  3. InTouch Zapier App credentials and site details from InTouch Support
  4. Your account information for your connecting software (e.g. your Facebook Leads account info)

Helpful hints before you get started

  1. InTouch has separate (and required) fields for First Name and Last Name. Some programs, like Facebook Lead Forms can be set up with Full Name or First and Last. We recommend changing this to First and Last before beginning.
  2. If you would like your leads to be created with a lead source other than Web Site or Facebook, create the lead source in your InTouch sites and then ask InTouch Support for it's identifier (this is a backend ID unique to each custom lead source)

Video Instructions

Written Instructions

Zapier is a third party company not affiliated with InTouch and they do occasionally change their user interface (UI). Use the process below more as a general guideline and follow any instructions provided by Zapier.

  1. Log into your Zapier account
  2. Click the Invitation Link provided by InTouch Support and Accept the invite. This is normally sent via an email from Zapier.
  3. Select Make a Zap (on the left side menu)
  4. Name your Zap in the top left (e.g. Club Downtown: Facebook to InTouch)
  5. In "1. When this happens..." you want to find and select the Zapier app or software where you will be getting your leads from (e.g. Facebook). Zapier will walk you through each setup step needed for that app. 
  6. When your are done with your first software, select the blue + button
  7. Scroll down your app list or enter 'InTouch' in the search bar
  8. Select the InTouch (x.x.x) app (note: The version number is in parenthesis and is subject to change. App name is InTouch and has a blue circle icon with white arrows)
  9. Under Choose Action Event, use the dropdown menu to select Create Lead and Continue
  10. Under Choose Account, use the dropdown menu to + Add a New Account
  11. Enter the Username, Password and Club UUID provided by InTouch. (Username and password are specific to Zapier; this is not your staff login) and Continue
  12. Under Customize Lead you will map fields from your first app (where leads are coming from) to the InTouch fields. Select the + button on the right side of First Name. This will list the fields from your first connecting software (e.g. Facebook Leads). Find the field name that you want to send to InTouch as the lead's First Name.
  13. Continue this same process for each Required field as well as any optional fields
  14. Towards the bottom are some required fields for how the lead should be created in your InTouch. The values you will want to enter for each of these fields are:
    1. Lead Owner UUID (for Incoming Leads): This value will be provided by InTouch
    2. Lead Product:
      1. If you want this to create a Membership Lead, enter MEMBERSHIP
      2. If you want this to create a Personal Training Lead, enter PT
    3. Lead Source:
      1. Standard options include WEB SITE and FACEBOOK
      2. To use a different lead source, create it in your InTouch sites first. Then send the Lead Source name to InTouch Support; they will provide you with the Identifier for that source for you to enter
    4. Contact Method: WEB LEAD
  15. Continue
  16. Under Send Data, select Test & Review
  17. Check your InTouch site to see if your test lead was created
  18. Select Done Editing
  19. Turn your Zap to ON