InTouch does have a REST API for organizations with a development team (or third party development team) that would like to create their own application integrations.

Is this the API I need?

If you are only looking to create leads in your InTouch application from another software or from a web form, we recommend Zapier and/or our Web Lead Service. Through Zapier, the InTouch Zapier app allows you to connect to other softwares with Zapier apps (for which there are thousands). The Web Lead Service is a very simple type of API that allows you to send leads to InTouch via an HTML form (without having to develop your own application and API integration).

How to get started with the InTouch REST API:

Contact InTouch Support with your name and company to get started:

  1. API access will need to be set up for each of your InTouch sites. Please allow 3 business days for this setup. Each club will be then granted their own Client ID and Secret. This also provides data security as a club with a valid Client ID and Secret cannot access other clubs data.
  2. If you are a third party company working with an InTouch client, InTouch Support will also need to send a data release waiver to the client. This waiver will need to be signed by an authorized client representative before InTouch can release any site information or data to a third party.
  3. Once access has been enabled, we will send you:
    1. Your Client ID and Secret
    2. Your Club UUIDs (these can also be accessed in each InTouch site under Admin > Club)
    3. Our API documentation