Set up a Sales Presentation

InTouch Presents is an add-on module and only visible for clubs with a Presents license.
For more information, contact InTouch Sales.

To access your Presents setup module:

  1. Log into InTouch Drive
  2. Select Presents from the Admin toolbar
  3. Select the Club you want to set up or edit
  4. Select Launch Presents

ℹ️  If you have a pop-up blocker on your browser, you may need to allow pop-ups for Presents to open properly. How to do this varies by browser and can change often so a quick google search of "Allow pop-ups in [IE, Chrome, etc]" will bring up a plethora of instructions for you to choose from.

To add and edit presentations:

Once you've accessed the Presents setup module, you can...

  1. Name your Presentation (you can find your presentation on the top right hand corner using the presentation switcher)
  2. Select the date range you want this presentation to be accessible (leave start and/or end date blank to keep presentation in draft mode)
  3. Follow the instructions throughout each button on the left to build your presentation!


Who Can Set Up Presents

Anyone on your team who has Admin access will have access to InTouch Presents Admin

How to View Your Published Presentation

Presentations are accessed within each lead's contact card.

To view a Membership Presentation:

  1. Find and open the contact's Membership profile card
  2. Under What's Next, select the Membership Sales Presentation option

To view a PT Presentation:

  1. Find and open the contact's PT profile card
  2. Under What's Next, select the PT Sales Presentation option