Presents Setup FAQ


What if I want to save a presentation as a draft?

  1. Launch your Presents Admin
  2. Go to Club Details
  3. Find the Presentation you want to save as a draft
  4. Do not enter any date range
  5. Click Save

How do I stop a presentation from immediately showing?

  1. Launch your Presents Admin
  2. Go to Club Details
  3. Use the presentation switcher on the top right to find the presentation you want to stop showing
  4. Enter a date previous to today in your end date
  5. Click Save

When I launch a presentation from the contact card, why does it say Session Timeout?

  1. You haven't set up a presentation within todays date range for your membership or personal training leads
  2. Go to Admin
  3. Find the presentation you want to be displaying
  4. Pick a date range in that includes today
  5. Save

How can set the colors to match our branding?

You can use the color selector to enter you HEX value. If you only have RBG values for your club, try RGB to HEX converter, like, to get the HEX shade number.

What happens if I accidentally put two presentations within same date range?

You can have both the personal training sales presentations and membership sales presentations running in parallel.  If you happen to have 2 membership presentations running within the same date range, it will pick up the presentation with the most recent end date to today.


  • Today: June 7
  • Presentation 1: June 1 - June 8
  • Presentation 2: June 1 - June 10

It will pick up presentation 1 until June 8, at which time it will flip over to Presentation 2.

What are the first and last name buttons in the set up?

Those are your merge fields; they will pull the lead's first and last name into the presentation when indicated to created a personalized presentation.

I don't want to use your background images. I want to upload my own.

  1. Go to the "Build Presentation"
  2. Find the slide you want to replace the background image of
  3. Upload the image (make sure it is big enough!)
  4. Preview the slide

I have some other slides I want to include.  How do I do this?

Awesome! Go for it!

  1. Build Presentation
  2. Upload your slides to Custom Slides
  3. Make sure these are turned on
  4. Use the sort order to decide where you want them in your presentation
  5. Click Save