Style & Pitch: Key Aspects of a Successful Presentation

10 minutes is the average attention span for a presentation. What this means for health clubs who rely on sales presentations for converting leads into members is that their presentations need to be personalized, consistent and above all concise.

Working closely with health clubs over the years to improve their sales processes, we’ve seen our fair share of engaging and lead-converting presentations. Using this experience, we’ve compiled some key tips for supercharging your club’s sales presentations.

1. A conversational and authentic speaking style

With so many different presentation styles to choose from, it can be hard to limit your sales team to just one. After all, what suits one team member might not suit another. One style which is effective is the conversational style. This style tends to focus on the needs and fitness goals of each lead rather than on the content of each individual slide. Typically the slides themselves are used as a guide rather than as the focus of the conversation. A tip for adopting this style is to try and limit the number of slides used for each presentation to 8-10. This will help focus your sales team’s attention on the conversation at hand.

2. Relate your club’s benefits to your lead

There are a lot of reasons a person might come to a health club. Your team’s ability to relate these reasons back to individual club benefits goes a long way to creating a personalized sales presentation.

A good example of this would be if your lead has a variable work schedule. In this case your team could highlight that your club offers 24-hour access. Alternatively, if a lead mentions they have children you could focus on child care services or kid-friendly activities available at your club.

3. Incorporate your club’s culture

Your club’s culture is what makes it unique. It represents why members choose your club over another and why leads should join. For these reasons, your sales presentation should try to reflect your club’s unique culture and ethos. You should look to have your culture represented in the energy of each sales presentation. In other words, if your club has a calm environment with a strong focus on yoga, the sales presentation style should also be relaxed and zen-like. In contrast, if your club has an open floor plan with a lot of activity taking place, the energy and style of your sales person’s presentation should reflect this energy throughout.