3 Quick Tips for Driving Memberships Sales

Seasonal changes, holidays and even evolving fitness trends can all impact your club’s sales figures. How can club owners and sales staff ensure that consistent numbers of new leads are being added to the sales funnel? We’ve put together three quick tips for driving membership sales through the roof.

1. Listen

It might seem like a no-brainer but sales staff need to make sure they are listening to their leads intently. This will give them a sense of what their leads need and will allow them to address these needs in their sales pitch. The result - greater trust between prospects and sales staff.

You should try to preempt what challenges a prospect might face by joining a new club and explain how your club can help them overcome these challenges. Focus on what they are trying to achieve and always tie your conversations back to these needs.

2. Pitch

We understand how important the pitch is because it allows sales teams to relate the needs of each prospect back to their club and it’s culture. When it comes to sales pitches, practice is key. To achieve a pitch-perfect sales presentation (if you’ll pardon the pun), encourage your team to practice their styles on each other and on management staff. The more opportunities they have for crafting the ideal pitch, the better the conversion rate.

3. Optimize

Finally, in order to make sure your sales team is optimized for success, we advise club owners to work closely with their sales staff to optimize sales strategies. You could use sales data to pinpoint top performers and gather best practice tips from them. When it comes to driving membership sales, consistency is key and a high performing sales team is better than a single super star.

Posted by InTouch's Eithne Ni Choncubhair | Oct 19, 2017