9 Tips for Supercharged Sales Presentations

At InTouch, we understand that the sales presentation plays a major role in membership and PT lead conversion. We want to help clubs develop a disciplined, “leadership approved” approach to their sales presentations so club management can be sure that leads are receiving engaging, personalized presentations. To help with this, we’ve put together the below 9 tips to help you supercharge your sales presentations.

1. Personalize the presentation

You might care a great deal about your club, but when you’re presenting it to a prospective member, keep in mind that it’s all about them. Your club’s sales presentation should focus on how they are going to achieve their goals with your club. Make your presentation as customized as possible, addressing your prospect’s wants and needs specifically. You could also try to incorporate the club membership level benefits which are most suited to your lead.

2. Don't discuss features. Discuss benefits

A good approach to discussing your club’s many features is to choose the features whose benefits relate to your lead’s lifestyle and fitness goals. This method creates a personalized, engaging experience for the lead. For example, if your salesperson is presenting to someone who has a busy schedule and works close to your club, they could describe the benefits of attending one of your club’s 30 minute express fitness classes. In doing this, the salesperson relates one of your club’s features (express classes) back to the needs of the individual lead (time limitations).

3. Have clear and transparent pricing levels

Few things will set off "warning bells" in a prospective member's mind than if they feel like a club is trying to hide its rates, fees, or membership levels. Try to include clearly-labeled charts or graphics in your promotional materials that make the prices/features explicit. Also, organizing the membership levels clearly can aid in sales, since prospects will gravitate towards whatever level best matches their own desires and lifestyle.

4. Incorporate plenty of great visuals

High-quality visuals are generally more memorable and engaging for leads than walls of text. After all, humans process visuals 60,000 times quicker than text. Integrating visuals into your presentation is also an effective way to portray your club’s culture during the sales process.

Also try to include anything distinctive about your brand, including club logo, font, colors and images with all your official materials. Integrate your brand’s color palette into the presentation’s design in the form of text, background and border colors. This helps to create the impression of brand strength.

5. Embed videos into your slides

Video is a hugely effective sales tool that’s easy to incorporate into your club’s sales presentations. It can help create an engaging experience for leads and can be a powerful communication aid for your sales teams. You could incorporate a clip for a popular class giving leads an insight into the energy and flow of the session. Staff interview videos are also extremely effective presentation add-ons allowing management to highlight club amenities, differentiators and culture.

6. Include member testimonials

Testimonials are still winners when it comes to making sales because they give tangible examples of members achieving their fitness goals in your club. We love video based member testimonials which can be easily embedded into sales slides and played during a sales presentation for maximum effect.

7. Use your conversation as a guide

We are big fans of the conversational style of presenting. Using this style, the salesperson asks questions and then tailors their responses and presentation to the needs and goals expressed by the lead. This creates a highly personalized and engaging experience for each lead. If you choose to adopt this style, try to use your slides to guide the conversation rather than using them as the focal point.

8. Go digital

Go digital. It’s the advice we give to all of our clients because vibrant, well designed slides create the impression of professionalism that you want your club to portray. Powerpoint, SlideShare and PDFs are all effective ways of displaying your slides and can be easily updated and maintained by your leadership team.

9. Practice, Practice, Practice

Hone your sales team’s delivery with interactive training sessions and lots of role-playing. You want them to be very comfortable with all your sales materials so they’re able to really connect with their prospects. Ideally, you want them listening and seamlessly modifying the presentation to create a highly customized experience that incorporates the prospect’s personal goals. The result? Much higher conversion rates.