Key Engagement Metrics to Track

Five Important Engagement Metrics to Optimize Conversions

Your sales funnel data can turn into a wealth of actionable insights for improving your sales conversion tactics. When properly implemented, good followup software can track a wide variety of customer-level engagement statistics, as well as associated salesperson performance. These include many metrics which are good indicators of whether visitors and other leads will sign up. Finding ways to optimize those metrics will lead directly to improvements in your sales processes overall.

Below are some specific metrics that indicate how engaged your club visitors are. We also want to touch on the metrics that can yield deeper insights into overall sales funnel optimization. 

1. Number of Leads Acquired and Source

The first key metric to track is the number of leads acquired as well as the source of that lead. While you do need raw lead numbers to determine your conversion rates, understanding the effectiveness of your lead sources is just as important. This will help you to capitalize on your most effective lead sources and improve the conversion rates of leads coming from less-common sources.

2. Calls Made by Sales Members

It is critical that sales staff keep in touch with existing leads and work to nurture them towards sale conversion by deepening these relationships. Membership management software can track this on a per-salesperson basis. Beyond tracking the performance of each employee, this software can aid planning on a larger scale. Plus, you can get macro-level feedback on matters such as call frequency to fine-tune your follow up call strategies.

3. Appointments Booked 

The first major step in converting leads to members is usually booking a tour of the facilities.  A lack of appointment bookings is a red flag which will need attention as it can indicate a variety of challenges improving your outreach and/or salesperson tactics for engaging with leads.

4. Scheduled Tours Completed

It's important to consider the difference between appointments booked and appointments completed.  There will always be "no shows," but if you see a large disparity between tours booked vs. completed, that usually indicates either poor lead quality, or sales staff being too pushy in their tactics (i.e. leads agreeing to a tour just to placate the salesperson).

5. Membership Sales Made

Sales numbers don't just reflect overall profitability, they also can bring deep insights into your sales process if you're tracking leads step-by-step.  How many leads jump straight from walk-in to sign-up?  How many social media leads become members?  What is your rate of referral-based conversion?  This can be your "secret sauce" for optimizing sales tactics.