Nurturing Leads Swiftly and Easily with InTouch

The InTouch platform has been specifically designed by experts with over a decade of experience helping fitness clubs succeed with sales followup.  However, every club is different and it can't work its magic all by itself. Here are some tips to ensure you get the most for your money.

1. Get Every Lead into InTouch ASAP

Don't wait! Every lead should go into InTouch immediately. Ideally, you should configure your lead collection systems to feed into it automatically. We can help you set this up with most common lead generating and collection platforms.

2. Focus On Digital

Whenever possible, urge your leads to sign in using the Guest Kiosk, landing page form fills, email, social media, text (SMS) or other electronic contact methods. These are where InTouch truly shines because your lead is immediately in the system and your customized sales followup system can begin to interact with them at once.

3. Take Time and Care When Crafting Your Emails and Texts

One of InTouch's most important features is its ability to drip-feed personalized messaging to your various leads, encouraging engagement and ensuring they are continually reminded of your services. However, this function is only as powerful as the messages fed into it. Your electronic communications should be treated every bit as seriously as any of your other marketing initiatives.

This is your opportunity to customize and standardize sales team communication with your leads. Everyone has their own ‘style’ of conversation, some more effective than others. You know what style works best for your club so standardize InTouch messaging with a look and feel all your own.

4. Get Your Staff Onboard

Provide focus, structure and inspiration for your sales, marketing and personal training staff. InTouch prompts them with timely reminders of followup calls, emails, appointment, and other key recruitment efforts. They also have access to scripts and ideas for messaging that fits your brand promise. However, they still have to follow through on these reminders. Encourage them at every opportunity to work with the InTouch platform for best results.

5. Define Key Metrics and Track Them

In the long term, the most powerful feature of InTouch may be its data collection, display and analysis capabilities. You, and the rest of your management team, should define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as new lead levels, conversions and sales outreach numbers, then review the InTouch reports to ensure these are adhered to.

Over time, you'll be able to see which of your initiatives are most effective, which fail to perform and be able to adjust your strategies to match.

Posted by InTouch's Kim Hanson-Burgoyne | Nov 10, 2016