Motionsoft MoSo

InTouch and MoSo work together allowing you to send membership data from InTouch into MoSo and vice versa in real time.

Integration Options

InTouch to MoSo sync options (these options send data from InTouch to MoSo):

  1. Create/Update Lead: Creates (or updates) a lead (prospect) in MoSo when a lead is created (or updated) in InTouch. (Currently this option must always be enabled).

MoSo to InTouch sync options (these options send data from MoSo to InTouch):

  1. Insert/Update Lead: Creates (or updates) a lead in InTouch when a lead (prospect) is created (or updated) in MoSo.
  2. Move Lead to Trial: Using the Trial Agreement names and days provided, a lead moved to a Trial in MoSo will move to a Trial in InTouch.
  3. Convert Lead to Member: When a sale is made in MoSo, and a matching lead record is found in InTouch, this converts the InTouch lead to a member.
  4. Insert Member: When a sale is made in MoSo, and no matching contact record is found in InTouch, this will add a sold lead (member) to InTouch. Optional addition: Filter out secondary members so only primary members are inserted.
  5. Convert Member to Former Member: When a membership agreement ends  in MoSo, and a matching current member record is found in InTouch, this will convert the InTouch member over to a Former Member

Additional Options & Notes

  1. When a contact is created in InTouch from MoSo, the default Contact Method and Lead Source typically set is Import. If you would like to use something other than Import, please contact InTouch Support.
  2. Records updated in InTouch from MoSo will show in the contact's history as updated by Unassigned Leads.

What type of data transfers?

The integration focuses on contacts; i.e. your leads and members. For each contact, the following data can sync:

InTouch Field Name

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Mobile
  • Home Phone
  • Work Phone
  • Email
  • Street
  • City
  • State/Prov
  • Postal Code
  • Country
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Referred By

How to get started

  • Contact InTouch Support with your name and your club name(s) for more detail on getting started. InTouch will send your club administrator a waiver to sign allowing the two companies/products to share data. Once signed, InTouch and Motionsoft can work together with your club administrator to get started.