Club Details & Settings

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Club Details, Club Settings and Club Hours are all found under the Admin > Club section in Drive. These sections contain the basic information about each InTouch site or location. 

Club Details

This is where you can edit your club name, address, club email etc. Many of your Communications merge fields pull data from this Club Details section so it's important to keep it up to date.

Select the Club you wish you view and then select Edit to change any information. Save when finished to apply your changes.

The Tooltips next to various fields will provide more information about that particular setting. Move your cursor over a Tooltip to view its content. Here are a few examples:

  • Club UUID: This is the unique identifier for each site. If you are setting up a web form, Zapier app or other integration, you will need the Club UUID to identify your InTouch site.
  • Country & Timezone: These are set by InTouch. If the country or timezone of any site is incorrect, please contact InTouch Support.
  • Language: Drive does not currently have language support; all sites are currently available in English only.
  • SMS Number: This is the individual Text Marketing Number for your site, an optional number currently available in the US and a required number for clubs in Canada. 

Club Settings

This is where you can set various settings for each of your InTouch sites. The page defaults to show the Lead Capture Settings for each of your sites. Use the left side menu to access each additional area.

To update multiple clubs at once, set the settings on just one club and select Update. Select the sites you want to apply these same settings to and then select Update. Settings are managed by each 'container' allowing you to more flexibility on which settings you wish to apply to other sites.

Lead Capture Settings

  • Email/Phone: This sets whether Email Address or a Phone Number (or both) are required for staff to add or update a lead. The most common setting is Either. This ensures staff have some sort of contact information, but still allows them to add a lead for contacts that may not be willing to provide both email and phone.
  • Lead Source: This determines whether staff can change a Lead Source once a lead has been added. Editing a Lead Source after the fact will also update Lead Source reporting. Some System sources such as Referrals may not have the ability to be changed once added.

Appointment Settings

Coming soon!

Make Sale Process

Set various reminders for staff when they select Make Sale on a Membership lead. Any setting of Show will display a reminder in the Make Sale process as well as a link to Book or Add that setting.

To change a setting, select the desired Toggle position and select Update.

Make PT Sale Process

Set various reminders for staff when they select Make Sale on a PT lead. Any setting of Show will display a reminder in the PT Make Sale process as well as a link to Book or Add that setting.

Communication Preferences

Different countries have different rules around contacting someone by text, email, or phone call. These settings let you set the default of whether each field should be Subscribed/Unsubscribed or Can/Can't Call.

Default settings are automatically applied for any lead created from an external source, such as web leads, Zapier leads, kiosk leads, etc (unless the lead is given the option to set a specific preference).

Staff will have the ability to set a preference for the contact when adding a lead. For various countries, such as the US, where only the owner of a mobile number can set their text message preference, the option will be whether or not to send a text opt-in request to that lead right away.

For example:

  • For US clubs, you may want to keep Email as Subscribed and allow contacts to Unsubscribe at their own will. All automated emails (regardless of country) do include the required Unsubscribe option.
  • For Canadian clubs, to comply with with Canadian Spam Act, you may want to set everything to Unsubscribed so staff are prompted to ask if they can contact their lead by text, email, phone and subscribe as applicable. 

Set Trial Length Limit

When moving a lead to a Trial, staff can assign a trial for a specific duration (e.g. 7 days, 14 days, etc) for that contact. This setting allows you to control the length of your club trials by providing a minimum number of days allowed and a maximum number of days allowed, along with a default setting. Set your default to the most common (or recommended) trial length for your club.

Club Hours

Club Hours allow you to set the hours in which each location (site) is open for business. Setting these hours lets your staff know which hours they in turn can set appointments for contacts. Users will not be able to schedule appointments during Club Closed hours; trying to book an appointment that extends into any closed hours will display an error message that the club is unavailable for appointments during the selected time.

To Set Club Hours

  1. Log into Drive and select Admin > Club
  2. Select Club Hours
  3. Select the desired location
  4. Select any future date from the calendar
  5. You can choose to set hours in which your club is either open or closed using the Status option
  6. Use the Recurrence options to apply to multiple days. Select an End Date of when you want your recurring option to stop.
  7. Select Apply to save your changes and return the calendar

To see how your Club Hours are reflected to staff, select Calendar and add Club Schedule to the Calendar selection found just above your Filters.