Calendar and Availability Schedules

The first iteration of availability was released in Drive V2.25.0 and is designed for viewing availability only. Future iterations are expected to allow clubs to set restrictions (if desired) on ability to book appointments when no availability is set. 

Appointment Schedule

This is the default calendar view that shows appointments

Staff Schedule

This allows you (pending permission settings) to set your availability for appointments.

To Set Your Staff Schedule

  1. Select your name in the top right to open the My Account modal
  2. Select Edit Schedule (permissions apply)
  3. Select any future day for which you want to add availability or unavailability
  4. Use the prompts to select whether you want to add availability time frames (use the + to add multiple time slots in one day), set a recurring schedule or mark a full day as unavailable.
  5. Select Apply.
  6. Continue steps 3-5 for additional days and close the window once finished




To View Staff Schedules

  1. At the top of your Calendar Filters you should see Calendar and the default selection of Appointment Schedule. Select the drop-down arrow to view and select options.
  2. Use the Staff Schedule Filter section to select the person whose availability you would like to view. (The first iteration of availability allows you to view the Staff Schedule of one person at a time.)


Club Schedule

Site administrators can also set Club Hours under Admin. The Club Schedule will allow you to view the hours your club is open (or closed) on any given day.