Add the Kiosk Application onto your tablet or computer

  1. Create your Kiosk Invitation Key (Create 1 key per tablet/device, but if using an iPad/iOS Safari create 2 keys per iPad)
  2. Open the internet browser on your tablet (or computer)
  3. Enter into the URL address bar (or go to and select Launch Kiosk)
  4. Your screen should look like the below. Enter the Kiosk Invitation Key you created in Step 1 and then select Next
    Image of Kiosk setup screen
  5. Your kiosk application/web page) should now appear and be fully operational
  6. For easy future access, bookmark the web page.
  7. For iPad users, here's how you can add an icon to your home screen so that it looks and acts much like an app. The very first time you time open it from your home screen, iPad Safari will ask you to enter in a new kiosk invitation key as the process of pinning a webpage to your iPad home screen wipes out the cache on first stored key. Keys are one-time use only so you won't be able to re-use the one already entered. Enter in the 2nd key you created and select Next. 

Additional iPad settings that several clubs have found helpful: