Drive Admin - Nov 2020

Drive Admin BETA was released to all clients throughout November 2020

New Features and Functionalities

The following areas will be included in your new Admin toolbar:

Staff Management


Easily add and manage your InTouch staff accounts using InTouch Drive. You will be able to perform the same tasks as FollowUp, plus…

  • View (and search for) staff accounts across all your clubs
  • Filter staff by Role, Title and more
  • Easily see usernames and club access for each staff member
  • Ability to see All Staff, both active and inactive, in one view
  • Adjust staff schedules (for calendar appointments)
  • Click here for more detail on Staff management

Roles & Permissions

A Role is a group of Permissions or settings that define the level of access that someone with a given Role has within your InTouch site. You can now manage your Roles & Permissions within InTouch Drive. Your Roles & Permissions in Drive are the same as in FollowUp, plus you can now…




Club Management

The Club section allows you to manage your Club Details and Settings (the same settings as the Admin > Club section of FollowUp) and also adds Working Hours.


Club Details

  • The basic information about each InTouch site or location. This is where you can edit your club name, address, club email etc.
  • Click here for more details

Club Settings

  • The various settings for each of your InTouch sites. The page defaults to show the Lead Capture Settings for each of your sites. Use the left side menu to access each additional area.
  • Click here for more details

Club Working Hours

  • Add the hours in which each location is open for business. Setting these hours lets your staff know which hours they in turn can set appointments for leads and members. (Club Hours are currently for display only. Future iterations are expected to allow you to set restrictions for staff to only book within open hours).
  • Click here for more details