Set Membership Sales Goals

Set actionable, targeted company, club and individual goals aligned with your sales team's KPIs. 

How to Set Goals

  1. Log into your InTouch Drive account
  2. Go to the Admin toolbar
  3. Select Goals (Access to is based on the Goals permission setting)
  4. Select Launch Goals Admin
  5. Select the Club in the top right
  6. Select Month and Year for which you wish to set your goals
  7. Enter your Club's Sales Goal for that month
  8. The Smart Goals toggle will use your club's data and conversion rates to set your initial KPIs. Smart Goals uses your clubs last 6 months of data and conversion rates to determine each KPI expected to reach your Sales Goal. Keep the toggle on to use Smart Goals or turn it off to not use Smart Goals
  9. Select Save
  10. When Club Goals are saved, each KPI will be evenly split amongst each Staff (each active staff with permission to own leads). You can adjust the numbers for each person under Staff Goals.