Live Reports


How to access:

  1. Log into Drive (these reports may require access from a computer not mobile device)
  2. Select Reports
  3. Select Live Reports (Access is based on the Reports: Legacy permission setting)

Live Reports

  • CAR: This report provides an overview of Lead and Member follow-up activity both scheduled and completed.
  • Game Play Report: This report ranks staff member’s activities against other staff. Staff members earn points based on the value of the sales activities they complete.
  • PTSA: This report gives a summary of activity related to PT Leads. It includes, for the date range you specify, PT Leads Added, a breakdown of Phone Calls made and Appts added, and a breakdown of appointments and sales for PT Leads

  • Referral - Members Who Referred New Members lists each new member, how many referrals they gave and how many of their referrals have signed up.

  • Referral - Leads That Joined lists each referral who signed up, and how long it took to get them to join.
  • Referred Members (CSV) lists each referral who joined during the date range selected and who referred them.

  • Scheduled Appointments Status Report (CSV) includes a listing of all appointments (or events), such as Tours, Member Appointments, Personal Training Sessions, etc. This report is a great way to view any scheduled, cancelled or completed appointments. Since it comes in a CSV format, you have several options to sort by specific staff, appointment types, appointment statuses, etc. The report also includes contact details, like the lead/member name, phone and address.
  • Orientations Booked Status Report (CSV)This report allows you to export to a CSV file a list of Members who joined in the date period specified and will show whether they have had an Orientation appointment booked, the date of that appointment and whether they Showed Up (completed), Cancelled or have None Booked.

  • Orientation Show Rate, Orientation PT Sales and Total PT Purchases Report This report shows how many people are showing up for their scheduled Orientations, whether or not PT is being sold during that Orientation, and the total amount of PT sold.

  • Not Interested Reasons Report This report will show you why people aren’t joining your club. Each time a lead is marked as Not Interested, a reason why they aren’t interested is required. These reasons can be customized by your club under Admin > Contact Properties
  • MPTSOB This report shows PT Sales and Orientations Booked for Membership Sales.Closing the membership sale is important, but so is what happens after the sale. See the staff members who are able to up sell Personal Training, who are able to book Orientations (which will increase retention rates), and which, if any, staff do neither.
  • Lead Source Lead Report This report displays a comparative analysis of your lead sources (leads acquired through your marketing campaign).  It is important to note that this report only shows results for leads that were added in the specified date range. For example: if 300 leads were generated in August, and 200 leads were generated in September, the 200 leads would display in the September report.
  • Lead Source Sales Report
    • Lead Source report of Sales Activity by Lead Source (detailed view) This more detailed report shows all the activity related to leads with each lead source. For example, how many calls were made or tours were scheduled with someone that heard about you on the radio. 
    • Lead Source report of Sales by Lead Source (summary view)This simple report shows how many leads were added for each lead source and how many sales were made that reflect that lead source (Remember, a sale during your selected time frame does not necessarily mean that the lead was added during that timeframe so percentages may exceed 100%).
  • Member Cancellation Reason Report This report allows managers to pull a report to show why members are cancelling. It provides the management team with insight into areas they can improve on to retain a higher percentage of their members. These reasons can be customized by your club under Admin > Contact Properties

  • Contact Methods for New Membership Leads Report This report shows leads created in the selected time frame, and leads that were won regardless of when they were won (sold).

  • Membership Sales based on Contact Methods Report This report displays all Leads Won in the selected time frame regardless of created date.

  • Won Lead Export Report (CSV)

    The Won Lead Export Report (CSV) exports all the won leads (or sales) for a date range to a CSV file.  *A "Won Lead" is a Sale

    Active Lead Export Report (CSV)

    The Active Lead Export Report (CSV) exports all leads (except won) for a date range to a CSV file.

    ALL Leads Status Report (CSV) Export all leads (Active and Won) that were created and/or whose status change date is within the selected date range into a CSV file.