Live Club Data


About Live Club Data

The Live Club Data report displays a snapshot of membership lead generation and club sales activity for the current day, previous day, and month to date. This is a great way to quickly see where your club is at any given moment. Instead of having to find your staff (who are hopefully busy with prospective members) and ask for numbers, you have numbers right at your fingertips. Plus, it allows your staff to get back to what they do best (SALES!), instead of tracking numbers.

You can also run multiple days or get a staff breakdown by running the Club Activity Report (CAR) found under Live Reports. The Live Reports also includes a subscription option that will email the subscribed users this report each morning at 12:15am with data for yesterday and month-to-date.


To access Live Club Data

  1. Log into your InTouch Drive account (these reports may require access from a computer not mobile device)
  2. Select the Admin menu
  3. Select Legacy (Access is based on the Reports: Legacy permission setting)
  4. Select the Live Club Data section (the default selection)
  5. Select the Club you want to view. You can select multiple for a rolled up view.
  6. Select the Date in which you'd like see under the 'Today' column

Note: Data is delayed up to 5 minutes so very recent activity may not yet be included.