Email Structure: Templates and Content

All emails in InTouch, from 1:1 Converse messages to email blasts, are made up of two pieces: A Template and Content. Check out this video for more detail on how these two pieces work together to form each email.



Think of your template as your email layout or a way to easily add your club branding without having to add it to each individual email.

To access your Email Templates:

  1. Log into Drive
  2. Go to Communications under the Admin toolbar
  3. Select Email Templates
  4. On the left, select Converse templates for your staff’s 1:1 email messaging or Standard templates for everything else

To create a new template:

  1. Select Copy to duplicate an existing one or New Template to start fresh

New site setup will start with both a Blank template and a Master (or Default) Standard template to help get you going. Select Edit to view and edit an existing template.



  1. Find the club and type of email you want to send under the other Communication sections
  2. Select Edit to view any existing content and make any changes. Use the email editor to design your content. 
  3. In the top right, select the Template you want to use. You can click Preview to see how the current content looks with the selected Template.
  4. Select or enter in a From Name and From Email. This is the name and the email address that will appear to lead when they receive this email. You can enter in your own text, or you can use a merge field to insert the club name or the lead owner name, etc.
  5. Enter in your subject line.
  6. Keep your status as Inactive until you’re ready for it to start sending. Change it to active to turn the email on to start sending.