How to change a lead owner


The logged in user needs to have permission to change a lead owner. See this Roles & Permissions article for details (typically only a club admin will have access to this section within Drive).

There are three separate permissions for types of leads that can be re-assigned:

    1. Ability to change a lead assigned to Incoming Leads
    2. Ability to change a lead assigned to Unassigned Leads
    3. Ability to change a lead assigned to a staff account. Options include: No ability, Ability to give a lead away (i.e. If it's assigned to me, I can change the owner to someone else), or Ability to transfer freely

To change a lead owner

  1. Open the Contact Profile
  2. Select the Product section
  3. Use the drop-down arrow next to the current Owner to view your options
  4. Select a new owner
  5. This field will auto-save so no further action is needed


  1. The drop-down box is blank
    1. If you selected the drop-down quickly after selecting Product, it could be that you were faster than the loading time. Try giving it a few seconds to and try again.
    2. It could be that there are no active staff with permission to own a lead
    3. If the above doesn't help resolve your issue, contact InTouch Support with the name of the lead, the current lead owner listed and the desired new owner. We will investigate this further for you on a case-by-case basis.