Drive V2.28.0 - Feb 2021

Drive Version 2.28.0 was released February 9, 2021

New Features and Functionalities

  1. Unsubscribe: In the Contact Preferences section, you can now unsubscribe a contact from Email and/or Text 
  2. Ability to Delete a Sale/Member record: Under More Actions is the (permission-based) ability to delete a record after it has been sold
  3. Ability to Split a Sale: Within a Contact's profile under Product is the (permission-based) ability to Split a Sale. (Split Sale is a function carried over from FollowUp and is reflected a ½ sales credit in Legacy Reports).


  1. Add Lead page updates:
    • The Add Lead pages have been combined into one page to help make your lead entry quicker
    • Labels for required fields on Mobile & Email now reflect the actual settings for each site (as found in Admin > Club > Club Settings > Communication Preferences)
    • Lead Owner will default to whomever is logged in (unless that user doesn't have permission to own leads)
    • Adding a general/history Note has been changed to Key Notes
    • Toggles on the Contact Preferences will match your club's default settings (as found in Admin > Club > Club Settings > Lead Capture)
    • Save & Add New retains various field info, like Contact Method & Lead Source, for faster entry of multiple leads from the same source
  2. The adhoc Make Call process applies a default Call Type and Call Owner
  3. Contacts section: The color of the Action icon for call, text and email to match the contact's subscription setting
  4. Admin > Club: Rename Working Hours to Club Hours
  5. Communications
    • Appointment Notifications: Add merge fields for Appointment Info
    • Email Editor: Label the merge fields

Bug Fixes

  • Contact should not become/create a member when selling a PT Lead
  • Admin: User needs to select the word in Admin sub tab text to launch the page
  • Reactivating staff freezes profile and disappears
  • Legacy Live Reports - Active Leads (CSV) does not pull same data as FollowUp
  • Legacy Live Reports - Multi-Club All Leads Status (CSV) does not pull same data as FollowUp
  • Incoming Text Alert Email: Message merge field not populating
  • Email Editor: Contact First Name Merge Field not working
  • Text Blast: Send Later shows Invalid Date
  • SMS Editor: Incorrect Merge Tag listing
  • SMS Alert: Data not saved when club is changed