Add a Web Lead Form onto a Wix Website

How to Add a Web Lead Form onto a Wix Website

Wix allows you to embed your own HTML code as a widget on your website. This allows you to use the Web Lead Form Service provided by InTouch.

  1. Go the page where you want to add your form within your Wix site editor
  2. Select the Add or + button
  3. Select Embed
  4. Select Embed a Widget
  5. Place the widget (container/box) where you want it and select Enter Code
  6. Under 'What do you want to add?', select Code
  7. Paste in your code into the box
    1. Check out Web Lead Form Setup (Basic) for a starter template (just don't forget to update it to include your site info).
  8. Select Update
  9. Publish your site when ready and you're done!

The process as seen in screenshots...







Note: This article was documented in March 2021. Though we always want to help our clients as best we can, like any company we can only do so within our current resources. We therefore cannot guarantee this process still works today, but will continue to keep this article published as long as we believe it to still be accurate. Hope it helps!