Drive V2.29.0 - Apr 2021

Drive Version 2.29.0 was released on April 14, 2021

New or Improved Features and Functionality

Phone Call Card Updates

Several improvements have been made to the Phone Call Card including:

  • Call Result will auto-save to eliminate an extra click to save a selection
  • Once a Call Result is selected, card will auto-update the Next Appt, Call and Task allowing user to view and also quickly reschedule upcoming events
  • Call Scripts are now visible on the same screen for easy viewing
  • Additional quick actions have been added to Send Email, Send Text, mark as Not Interested, and Make Sale
  • The 'View Contact' link has been replaced; click the contact's name to open their profile.
  • You can mark a lead as Hot by selecting the life cycle icon to turn the flame red (and vice versa)
  • View, add or edit Key Notes
  • A scrollable History has been added to view all past events and notes for this contact
    Screenshot of new Phone Call Card

Contacts Filters/Views

  • The Lead's Life Cycle filter for Visited Membership Lead displays leads currently in the Visited life cycle whose visit falls within the selected date range. This allows you to view any leads recently visited regardless of when the lead was added
  • The Lead's Life Cycle filter for Not Interested Membership Lead displays leads by the date in which they were marked as Not Interested. This allows you to view any leads recently moved to Not Interested regardless of when the lead was added
  • The Lead's Life Cycle filter for Deleted Membership Leads displays leads by the date in which they were deleted. This allows you to view any leads recently moved to Deleted regardless of when the lead was added
  • The Lead's Life Cycle filters for Active Trial and Expired Trial are both under the label Trials which displays leads by the date of their trial. This allows you to view any leads by trial dates regardless of when the lead was added
  • The Leads Life Cycle filters for All Membership Leads and All Personal Training Leads are both under the label All Leads. This will reduce some of the filters displayed; you can achieve the same view of only Membership leads or only PT leads using the filter for Product
  • The PT Life Cycle Filter options are re-labeled with 'PT' at the beginning: PT Booked Appt, PT Appt Cancelled, PT Appt Completed, and PT No Appt Booked
  • Members & Clients Filter options for Member Owner and Lead Owner display only the names of staff which own a sold lead or member within the selected date range to reduce the number of inapplicable staff names listed

Broadcast Status

Both Text and Email Broadcasts have a Status icon. Select the icon to display the Activity.

  • Scheduled Activity includes the date and time in which a blast is scheduled to send
  • Completed Activity includes the date and time plus number of contacts in which the blast sent. (Note: Number of contacts in this section may include contacts before subscription preferences are taken into account. Refer to Email and Text Reports for more detailed send information.)
    Screenshot of Broadcast Status

Appointment Reminders

The automated appointment reminders that were available in FollowUp are now listed in Drive. Each Appointment Name (e.g., Club Tour) has its own automated text reminder that, when enabled, sends at 3pm the day before the appt (or right away if that deadline has passed). You can view, edit and enable these reminders under Communications > Alerts > Appointment Notifications > Appointment Reminder
Screenshot of Appt Reminders

Drips Default Sort Order

The Drips section defaults to show by sort order of Day

Incoming Leads KPI Count

Sold leads assigned to Incoming or Unassigned owners have been removed from the Incoming Leads KPI count in top right of Home. This number now matches the list in the Incoming Leads queue.

Club/Staff Availability

Users can set recurring availability for one time slot while also setting a non-recurring time slot for a specific day.

Contact Birth Date Label

Birth Date label now shows that it must be entered as YYYY-MM-DD (E.g., enter January 25, 1975 as 1975-01-25). The error message if entered incorrectly now reads "Birth Date must be on/after Jan. 1, 1900 and in the format YYYY-MM-DD."

BETA & Drive Only Labels Removed

The Admin section is no longer labeled as BETA and several alerts no longer read "Feature only available in Drive".

Bug Fixes

  • Game Play Report: Corrects an issue where the Game Play month selection was not working
  • Kiosk Settings: Corrects an issue where Address fields were not able to be set as Required
  • Kiosk Settings: Search field in the Questionnaire Questions dropdown removed
  • The Sold date within the Contact profile is updated to display in the same format as other dates
  • Email Editor: Correct an issue where the Social Media background color was not saving when transparent was selected
  • Text Blasts backend processing has been improved to speed up the amount of time in which it takes to send a text blast to contacts