Facebook Lead Generator App

Facebook Lead Generator App

This is an older type of application built through a Facebook program that Facebook has since changed. Last known visibility was to users accessing Facebook when on a computer only and the application can only be installed when the club's Facebook page has a minimum number of followers.

What is the Facebook Lead Generator App?

It's a form you can put on your club's (desktop) Facebook page to capture information and create a new lead directly in your InTouch site. Here's an example on our own Facebook page:



  • You must be an administrator on your club's Facebook page
  • Your Facebook page will need to meet various FB criteria. This is subject to change; last known requirement was having a minimum of 2,000 Followers.
  • You'll need each InTouch site UUID (Universally Unique IDentifier). Club admins can access this in their InTouch Drive under Admin > Club. Each InTouch site (club location) will have its own UUID.


Note: Facebook can change their layout and options at any time without notice. We do like to keep this page as up to date as possible, but the images & instructions below may not always be exact. 

  1. Log into Facebook
  2. Enter the following URL in your browser window: http://on.fb.me/x6C7jM
  3. Use the drop-down box to choose the Facebook page to which you want to add our app.
  4. The default name for the InTouch FB application is “Tell Me More”. You should be able to rename this later if you choose.
  5. Click the ‘Tell Me More’ icon enter a description for the page as well as to enter your InTouch club UUID.
    NOTE: You will not be able to change this description yourself once you save the configuration. If you need to change this once saved, please contact InTouch Support.

  6. If you would prefer a different name or image (i.e. Free Pass) than "Tell Me More", you can modify it by going to your page admin section, selecting the app settings icon, and then clicking ‘Edit Settings’ next to the InTouch app. See below.

  7. Click ‘Save Configuration’ when you are done

If you require changes after saving or if you have more than 10 InTouch clubs, please contact InTouch Support.


Change the "Tell Me More" Image or Name

Note: Facebook no longer appears to support an image, only name.

  1. Go to your Facebook Admin page and find the Tell Me More application
  2. Click the Edit icon in the top right and select Edit Settings
  3. From here you can upload your own Custom Tab Image or enter your own Custom Tab Name

Other Info

Depending on how many apps you have activated on your Facebook page, users might not be able to see the ‘Tell Me More’ link. By default Facebook shows the top eight items, and then a ‘More’ link. (Note that when you are the administrator of the page you will instead see an ‘Edit’ link). To give the InTouch app more prominence you can click the ‘Edit’ link and drag and drop the InTouch app higher in the list