Add a custom background image to your Kiosk

Add a custom background image

  1. Log into Drive and go to Admin > Kiosk
  2. Select the Kiosk Settings section
  3. Find Background Image (under Tablet Display Settings)
  4. Select Upload
    Alternatively, if your image is already on a public URL like your website, you can paste the image URL into the Background Image field instead.2021-07-21_16-53-20.png
  5. Select Upload Image to select an image from your computer and select OK. (To use a previously uploaded image, select Your Images to find and select the image.)
  6. You should see a preview of your image in the Select Image screen. Select OK.
  7. You should see a preview of your image under Background Image. Select Update to save your changes.
  8. Refresh your kiosk to see the new image applied. To refresh an iPad, you can you sometimes just close/re-open the kiosk page or reboot the iPad. If all else fails, delete the saved web page from the home-screen and re-add it. Unfortunately, Safari has a limitation that doesn't allow for an easy refresh a saved webpage.

Helpful Hints

Image Dimensions

  • iPad: 1030px wide x 750px high
  • You may need to play around with the image dimensions to get the best fit your particular device, but these dimensions typically work well with an iPad

Want to use a background color instead of an image?

  • Enter "none" into the Background Image field and Update. This will remove any previous background image, including the default InTouch background image.

Image Copyright

  • Don't use images from the internet without first making sure you have the legal right to use them