Drive V2.32.0 - May 31 2021

Drive Version 2.32.0 is scheduled for release on the evening of May 31, 2021

New or Improved Features and Functionality

Staff Alerts

You can now view and edit the content of various staff alerts as well as manage the subscriptions for these alerts all in one place under Communications > Alerts > Staff Alerts.


  • Lead Alerts: These options can alert staff when a new lead is created (via web form service or text marketing number) or when an Incoming Lead has been assigned to them
  • Communication Alerts:
    • Inbound Text: These options can alert staff when one of their contacts responds to a text message. (This option was previously located under Admin > Club > Club Settings)
    • Text Usage: This is for clubs that have a pre-paid text message package. Subscribed users can be alerted by email or text to let them know when they have reached 80% of their monthly pre-paid package
  • All alerts have an on/off status toggle allowing you to quickly enable or disable an alert. Some alerts will also have a Subscribe option for you to choose which staff will be sent an enabled alert
  • All alerts have an Edit option so you can customize the content of the alert

Communication Alerts: All non-applicable alerts (e.g., alerts for the BETA features Lead Transfer and Power Match) are no longer displayed for clubs that don't have access to the associated features

Email Editor: The Content widget is only applicable for Templates and as such is now only displayed within the Template Email Editor

Bug Fixes

  1. Contacts Leads Filter: Corrects an issue where the count is incorrect for All Leads Lifecycle view

  2. ABC DataTrak Integration: Corrects an issue with the sales date in InTouch when a Trial Lead is sold via the ABC integration