Drive V2.33.0 - Jun 17 2021

Drive Version 2.33.0 was released on June 17, 2021

New or Improved Features and Functionality

Email Blast Filters

Broadcast Emails now have basic segmentation filter options. This first iteration (i.e. more options are planned for future releases!) allows clubs to narrow down email blasts to send to contacts that meet specific criteria on Contact Method, Contact Owner, Lead Source, Gender and/or DOB. 

To add a filter

  1. Set up your email blast as you normally would
  2. Select the green + button next to 'Add Filters'2021-06-09_09-14-03.png
  3. Select a club location
  4. Select a green + button to add a filter (once added, you can select the red - button to remove a filter) 
  5. Use the drop down menu to select your desired options2021-06-09_09-27-51.png
  6. The Lead Source filter also has a 'Filter By Status' option. For clubs with a long list of inactive lead sources, you might want to filter to just Show and System to decrease your dropdown list of sources in which to select from2021-06-09_09-28-08.png
  7. Save
  8. Close

Staff Status Updates

The Staff Member modal now handles active/inactive statues through the Club Access section. To deactivate a staff account, simply deselect all the clubs they have access to (by checking/unchecking Select All) and then select Update
Staff Modal

Members & Clients section update

Members & Clients section now defaults the date range to Today to keep consistent with other sections within the application, such as Leads, Guest-Log, To Do, etc

DOB merge fields update

All DOB merge fields now display the format as, e.g., March 1, 1986 to avoid any confusion across all locales as to whether 3/1 is March 1st or Jan 3rd

Bug Fixes

  • Corrects an issue with setting staff inactive then active again
  • Corrects an issue where Last Contact is including automated events. Last Contact fields should display the Last Contact made by a staff person
  • Staff Alerts: Corrects an issue where the Lead Created and Text Usage alerts were referencing the same subscriber list for both the SMS and Email versions. SMS and Email subscription lists are now correctly separated