Send an Email Blast (Broadcast)

There are several options for sending out a broadcast email. So your first step is to determine which broadcast email option you want to send and then edit the email and then enable it. All broadcast emails run on a schedule and send early the following morning. E.g., an email activated today will send early tomorrow morning (starting at roughly 5:15am).

To Send a Broadcast Email

  1. Log into Drive
  2. Go to the Admin menu and select Communications
  3. Within the Communications section, select Broadcast
  4. Select your desired contact type on the left hand side (e.g. Membership Leads)
  5. Select your desired Life Cycle group (e.g. All Interested Leads)
  6. Find the email you wish to send (ie: Email All Interested Membership Leads) and click Edit
  7. Select any additional Clubs in which you'd like to send the same email
  8. Select a Template
  9. Edit your email content
  10. Change the Status to Active. (This can also be done later by selecting the Status toggle on the main page). Once enabled, this will send this email early tomorrow morning. The time may vary based on which email you send, but it's typically about 3-5am.
  11. Save

Helpful Hints

  • Don't copy and paste from another system. Always type your content directly into InTouch. Different software applications are written in different coding languages. You could be pasting in hidden code that will effect the formatting of your email.
  • Use the Preview button to get an idea of how your email will look with both the Template and Content combined. (Note some merge fields may contain a sample placeholder and not actual club information)
  • Always send yourself a Test email to get an idea of how your email will look on the receiving side.