Contact Methods for New Membership Leads

About this report

See how your leads are initially making contact. If you have a large number of lead boxes with a low sales percentage, try changing your lead box locations or offer, and use this report to see if next month the percentage increases.

This report shows leads created in the selected time frame, and leads that were sold (aka won) regardless of when they joined.


To access this report

  1. Log into Drive and select the Reports menu
  2. Select the Live Reports section
  3. Find (or search for) the report named Contact Methods for New Membership Leads
  4. Select View
  5. A new window should appear allowing you to enter your report parameters
  6. Select a Club (this legacy report is available in single-club format only)
  7. Select a date range (one-year max)
  8. Select from a PDF or CSV format
  9. Select Run Report