Game Play Report

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GamePlay.pngAbout this report

The Game Play - Lead Activity Report ranks staff member’s activities against other staff. Staff members earn points based on the value of various sales activities they complete.

Ideas for use: Use a typically slow sales month to create a friendly employee competition or maybe set a team goal.


  • Leads Created is credited to the Lead Owner that was assigned during actual lead creation (eg, if I'm logged in and add a lead and select you as the Lead Owner in the Add Lead screen, then you get the credit as having 'created' the lead).
  • Tour Now is just an older label for a Drop-In Tour
  • Points and data columns are hard coded into the report and not customizable this time

To access this report

  1. Log into Drive and select the Reports menu
  2. Select the Live Reports section
  3. Find (or search for) the report named Game Play (or Game Play - Lead Activity)
  4. Select View
  5. A new window should appear allowing you to enter your report parameters
  6. Select a Club (this legacy report is available in single-club format only)
  7. Select a month (this legacy report is available in one-month segments only)
  8. Select from a PDF or CSV format
  9. Select Run Report