Referral: Leads That Joined

About this report

How good is your staff at getting referral leads from members and turning them into new members? How long does it usually take for a referral lead to join? If many join within a few days and you have a Day 2 phone call in your Agenda to a referral lead, you should really try to book a club tour from that phone call. This report lists each referral lead who signed up, and how long it took to get them signed up.


To access this report

  1. Log into Drive and select the Reports menu
  2. Select the Live Reports section
  3. Find (or search for) the report named Referral: Leads That Joined
  4. Select View
  5. A new window should appear allowing you to enter your report parameters
  6. Select a Club (this legacy report is available in single-club format only)
  7. Select a month (this legacy report is available in single-month date ranges only)
  8. Select from a PDF or CSV format
  9. Select Run Report