Guest Log


The Guest-Log shows a summary of completed visits, trials that are starting that day, and sales.

It includes:

  1. Any lead with an appointment marked as Showed-Up within the selected date range
  2. Any new Walk-In (created manually by staff as this automatically marks them as visited)
  3. Any kiosk check-on marked as Take on Tour
  4. A lead with Trial Start Date with the date range selected
  5. Sales recorded for that day


Common Questions

  1. The Guest-Log does not include Drop-In Workouts nor anyone that signed in through your kiosk that has not yet been marked as Take on Tour (i.e. it does not include anyone still in your kiosk queue)
  2. If the Date Visited doesn't match your selected date range, this means a visit was not entered for that date range. This is usually a lead with Trial Start Date or a Sales date within the date range selected.

To Access the Guest-Log:

  1. Log into Drive
  2. Select Contacts
  3. Select the Guest-Log section