Scheduled Appointments Status (CSV)

About this report

The Scheduled Appointments Status (CSV) report includes a listing of all appointments, such as Tours, Member Appointments, Personal Training Sessions or any custom appointment types you've added into your site. This report is a great way to view any scheduled, cancelled or completed appointments. Since it comes in a CSV format, you have several options to sort by specific staff, appointment types, appointment statuses, etc. The report also includes contact details, like the lead/member name, phone and address.


To access this report

  1. Log into Drive and select the Reports menu
  2. Select the Live Reports section
  3. Find (or search for) the report named Scheduled Appointments Status (CSV)
  4. Select View
  5. A new window should appear allowing you to enter your report parameters
  6. Select a Club (this legacy report is available in single-club format only)
  7. Select a date range (one-year max)
  8. Select Download Report