Orientation Booked Status (CSV)

About this report

This report allows you to export a list of members who joined within the selected date range and will show whether they have had an Orientation appointment booked, the date of that appointment and whether they Showed Up (completed), Cancelled or have None Booked. Use this report to see which members still need to be contacted to get booked in for an Orientation or to see how many Orientations are being scheduled, but cancelled and not completed.


To access this report

  1. Log into Drive and select the Reports menu
  2. Select the Live Reports section
  3. Find (or search for) the report named Orientation Booked Status (CSV)
  4. Select View
  5. A new window should appear allowing you to enter your report parameters
  6. Select a Club (this legacy report is available in single-club format only)
  7. Select a date range (one-year max)
  8. Select Download Report