Guest Card Questionnaire

The Guest Questionnaire, or Guest Card, is a list of questions for staff to ask to build rapport and learn about a potential member's needs and wants. Storing the information in InTouch also allows for a seamless information transfer over to fitness staff to help them sell PT during an Orientation. 

To access the Questionnaire

Every lead has a Questionnaire found in their Contact profile under What's Next. If staff have an iPad or tablet, they can even ask and complete the answers during a tour.


To open the Questionnaire, select Take It. Then select any question to view or edit each answer.


The Questionnaire can also be used in conjunction with the InTouch Kiosk module. In your Kiosk Settings, you can choose to ask the first X number of questions right on the kiosk. The remainder of the questions can later be asked by staff one-on-one in their contact profile. As a best practice, keep the number of questions asked at a kiosk fairly short (1-3 is most common), especially if you only have one tablet being used as a kiosk.


To Customize Questions or Answer Selections

If you would like to customize any questions or answer selections for your club, have your club administrator contact InTouch Support. There is no charge* to customize your Questionnaire, but it does need to be completed in the backend of your site.
*This is subject to change, but as of June 2021 there is no change or charge expected.

Some best practices to think about when customizing questions:

  • Checkboxes and Radio Buttons allow for faster data entry. These are especially useful for the questions guests will answer at a kiosk
  • Don't include questions for name, email, phone or How did you hear about us?' as these are already captured in other areas