Sample Text Message Drip Content

Below is some sample content of SMS Text Message Drip Communication. (You are welcome to use this content, but please do not copy and paste into your site as the fields in [ ] are not correct merge fields and this website is not written in the same programming language as SMS. Always type your message directly into InTouch and use the merge fields in the InTouch text editor for the best result.)

Not Visited

Hi [Contact First Name], you're invited for a tour of [Club Name] so we can help you get started reaching your fitness goals. Call us at [Club Telephone] or reply to this text.


Hi [Contact First Name], thanks for visiting [Club Name] yesterday! Are you ready to start your free trial? [Owner First Name], [Club Telephone]


Hi [Contact First Name], how is your trial membership going? Any questions or concerns? [Owner First Name], [Club Name]

Expired Trial

Hi [Contact First Name], how was your trial membership at [Club Name]? Text back or call me at  [Club Telephone] to help you get started reaching your fitness goals. [Owner First Name]

Sales Followup

Hi [Contact First Name], I hope you're enjoying [Club Name]. Remember you can bring a buddy along for a free workout. Call me to set this up. [Lead Owner First Name] [Club Telephone]

Member Retention Followup

Hi [Contact First Name], Welcome to [Club Name]. I'm here to help you get started with your membership. Call [Club Telephone] or text me back to get going. [Member Owner First Name]