Telephone Inquiry (TI) Script

The Telephone Inquiry (TI) Script is a list of questions sales staff use when a lead calls the club looking for information, often pricing. Questions are designed to get the lead booked for a tour appointment and into the club. Storing the information in InTouch also allows for easy review of the conversation prior to the lead's appointment. If your front desk typically answers the phone and transfers phone inquiries to sales staff, it's also very easy to have the desk enter the lead and have the sales staff open the new lead to start on the TI Script right away.

To add a new TI lead

  1. Select the Add Lead icon
  2. Select either New Lead or Phone
  3. Enter the new lead's information... you can even use the scripting provided for each field
  4. Select the Contact Method option Telephone Inquiry (TI Scripts are specific to new phone call lead inquires and are therefore only visible for leads created with the Contact Method of Telephone Inquiry.)
  5. Save your new lead
  6. Open your new lead's contact profile (this should happen automatically when you select Save)
  7. Find the Telephone Inquiry option under What's Next and select Take It
  8. Then select any question to view oredit each answer. Use the 'Book It' option to open your calendar, book an appointment and then be returned right back to the TI Script

  9. Select Save when finished

To Customize Questions or Answer Selections

If you would like to customize any questions or answer selections for your club, have your club administrator contact InTouch Support. There is no charge* to customize your TI Script, but it does need to be completed in the backend of your site.
*This is subject to change, but as of June 2021 there is no change or charge expected.